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Hello, welcome to Crumpet London 1992. I wanted to briefly tell you about our story and this traditional breakfast favorite from the United Kingdom.


It all started when my family moved to England in 1974. I was born and raised in London. In 2013, I made my childhood dream come true and started living in Istanbul. Before I decided to start my own business, I was an English teacher and in January 2024, thanks to the tireless efforts of my team, the story of Crumpet London 1992 began.


Crumpet, is a popular traditional English snack, a favorite especially for breakfast and tea time. Crumpets forms holes on its surface whilst cooking, it has a spongy structure on the inside and a crispy structure on the outside. Butter, jam and sauces ooze through and fill the holes. This is exactly where Crumpets gets its flavor.


I opened Crumpet London 1992 in memory of my younger brother Remzi Atakan Akın. My brother and I enjoyed making Crumpet in our mother's kitchen. Atakan was more talented the kitchen, he would dance whilst cooking. 1992 is year of birth and the names on the menu are full of memories we had together, each of them has a different story; The nicknames we gave each other, the neighborhood we lived in, the school we went to, and many other beautiful moments and memories. I wanted to share these happy moments with you..


Remember, life is short and the important thing is to collect beautiful memories because they will live with us forever. Thank you for coming and sharing this moment with us. Enjoy your Crumpets!

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